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    This blog is made by Julia Seeliger, former member (2006 – 2008) of the governing council of the german Green party. Julia is a journalist, activist and blogger. She is working for “taz online”.

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    She is mostly involved with

    • information society: everything about open source and free licenses, digital rights, future of work, economy
    • ecology and globalisation: climate change, energy, capitalism
    • drug politics: legalisation, prevention, “end the war on drugs!”
    • gender: antidiscrimination, gay rights/rights of homosexuals, women power, familiy, queer

    You can contact Julia via info [[ett]] julia-seeliger.de


    Julia was born in 1979 in Northern Germany where she grew up in a little village. Before she started doing politics with the Green Party, she spent her time training kids in Judo – in sports-clubs, but also in schools; she carries the black belt. Between 1999 and 2001 she worked at a non-commercial citizen radio-station, Radio Okerwelle.

    In 2002 she joined the Green Party in Bonn, the former capital of Germany. Fortunatly, she fastly connected with a lovely group of Young Greens, the Young Greens Bonn. With these friends, she started many creative activities, i.e. a drug legalisation action called “coffee shop” or tree rescue activities – and many other activities on a local level.

    In 2004, she became treasurer of the German Young Greens (Link to multilingual description). She helped to prepare the copy4freedom campain, which is dealing with open source, free licenses and legal filesharing. On the national board, she worked on media politics, anti-fascism, drug politics and everything that is concerning democracy. November 2006, she finished her work on the national board; in December 2006 she was surprisingly elected into the governing council of the german Green party.

    Julia lives in Berlin, she likes the subculture-feeling in this amazing city, the cheap flats and also the numerous historical links. Her favorite time is the summer. She always uses Linux on her computers. After ten years of studies, in 2008 she passed her diploma in “technical journalism”, her diploma project was a webportal dealing with Creative Commons. In her free time, she likes cooking, eating, reading (literature), meeting friends and going to (electronic music) parties.

    About zeitrafferin

    “zeitrafferin” is a made-up word. Zeitraffer is the german word for “time lapse”. The “in”-Suffix feminises a word in the german language. I chose this word as blog-title to symbolize “another view” in “another dimension” (since Einstein we know that time is also a dimension). The feminasation symbolizes a feminist view on the world. So I spontanously chose “zeitrafferin”.

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